Forex Trading – Is There Someone Watching?

When I first started trading, it was a whole new world to what I was use to. I came from a creative background and learnt my trade the hard way by doing, and making every mistake and learning from them. So for me, it was very MECHANICAL you could say. You saw somehting you did wrong and you corrected it, simple and never did it again, and success!


When I discovered trading, that whole learning thing when out the door, this was like nothing I had ever come across, my learning journey from here was exponential to say the least.

I thought, how HOW HARD CAN IT BE?, I mean really, you see the markets go up so you buy, you see the markets go down, so you sell. I wonder how many people know about this, this is like taking money out of the ATM (Automatic Teller Machine).

Or is it?

NO, NO, and a BIG NO!

Trading is not that easy – at first! Well, I started and lost money, lost and lost some more money, and after a couple of weeks, I knew that this was going to be a long journey, how long? that I didn’t know, but I knew it was going to be long.

My intention for this article is not to scare anyone, but to give you some reality and insights to keep you from floating into the clouds, dreaming of riches and lifestyle changes. Heaven knows I had all of them. Ha, they are still on my fridge!

WE are dealing with 1000’s of people trading the market everyday, something like 4 trillion dollars goes throught the markets each and every day, 5 days a week, 24 hours a day. A lot more than all the share and equity markets put together.

Think about it for a minute, if trading was so easy, EVERYONE WOULD BE TRADING and there would no work done anywhere else, too easy!

So my point…

IS IT JUST RANDOM MOVEMENT, or is there some sense of order in how the markets move. For a long time I searched and searched for that golden indicator that would tell me when to BUY or SELL. Let me save you the pain and headache in trying to find such a MYTH, it DOES NOT EXIST!!

Well I lie actually, it does exist, the golden indicator that you are looking for is YOU.

If you understand and look a little deeper into the market movement, you will see repaeting patterns, why?, because people are what they are, creatures of habbit, and most people have two things that drive them in trading, and that is, GREED and FEAR.

They are THE only two things that drive the market.

When I first started to trade, I was sure that there was SOMEONE WATCHING me, either behind my shoulder with a hidden camera, or someone on another computer out there just watching what I was doing, where I was placing my orders and stops etc..because for me, for a long time, EVERYTIME I bought, the market would drop, and EVERYTIME I would sell, the market would shoot up.

It took me a long time to really SEE the market, where I was buying was at a position in the market where it was exhausted, and every time I sold it was at the bottom of the run and ready to turn.

So, no there really is no one watching, just a new trader at the time and doing what most new traders do.

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